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“TradeCom” is a company that collects waste vegetable oils. Our company is on the market since 2007. We have proven ourselves responsible and reliable partners, and have become the absolute market leaders in this field in Saint Petersburg and other cities of Russia.

We work with more than 2000 enterprises in Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Murmansk and other cities of Russia. Giants of food industry, such as McDonalds, KFC, Lenta, “Okay”, Ikea, Auchan, and many others, trust us.

Johannes Neufeld founded our company in November 2007. He has been driving all over Moscow on his bike to find clients. He also took part in many exhibitions related to our field. Our enterprise was growing and developing and, with time, we have gone beyond Moscow region. To our great sorrow, in November 2012 Johannes fell gravely ill and died. After his death, his wife, Anna Neufeld, took over the company. And, thanks to our strong team and coordinated work, we were able to reach new levels and open branches across our country. To this day, we continue growing and increasing amounts of oil we collect. We are environmental friendly and we care about nature. Our goal is to make the world a cleaner place!

Our company has European certificate ISCC.

Our common values are:

Kindness. We care about emotional condition of our teammates and the atmosphere of gentleness in our workspace.

Responsibility. We take full responsibility of our words and actions.

Professionalism. In our work, we try to be frugal and save money, time and resources.

Honesty. We believe that admitting our mistakes is being honest with ourselves.

Innovation. We take time to develop new projects and analyze our actions.

Development. We keep track of the market situation, try to be “at the right time at the right place”, and enhance our work.



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